Sharif Abdel Mawla Commercials/Branded WE Telecom Al Ahly
Lobo Commercials/Branded, Animation Travelers Howard's Unfinished Story: The Tree House
Oliver Jennings Music Content Jax Jones and Years & Years Play
Rianne White Music Content Ninth Wave Half Pure
Nerdo Commercials/Branded, Animation Google Cloud Space California
Matthias Hoene Commercials/Branded Inspira Health Where it matters most
Djawid Hakimyar Commercials/Branded Purple Bricks Regrets
Tendril Commercials/Branded, Animation Freshworks Hit Fresh
Ozzie Pullin Commercials/Branded One Plus Never Settle
Thomas Hilland Commercials/Branded Norwegian Airlines The World Has Never Been Closer
Julien Soulier Commercials/Branded Peugeot Alexander Zverev
Ally Pankiw Commercials/Branded WestJet Uncertain Future (Trailer)
Matt Baron Short Films Summit
Peter Carstairs Commercials/Branded AT&T OK Coach