Dynamic and versatile artist, Mahaneela, has firmly imprinted her presence in the chronicles of contemporary visual storytelling. Her journey into the realms of photography and filmmaking began at an early age, fueled by an innate passion and boundless creativity. Drawing inspiration from her rich multicultural heritage spanning South Asia, the Caribbean, and Africa, Mahaneela crafts narratives that resonate on a deeply profound level.

Collaborating with global powerhouses like Mercedes-Benz and Gucci, Mahaneela's work seamlessly blends music, fashion and culture and not only challenges stereotypes but also serves as a dynamic commentary on the intersection of race, gender, and identity. Her lens has captured iconic musicians, including Grammy Award-winning artist Wizkid, FKA Twigs, and Sampha, while her visual storytelling has earned her recognition from esteemed organizations such as Vogue, The New York Times, Vice, and The Webby Awards.  

Mahaneela's unique perspective and commitment to pushing the boundaries of creative expression have made her a standout artist in the industry. Her work, celebrated for its thoughtfulness and innovation, has transcended galleries and exhibitions, solidifying her place in Aperture's "The New Black Vanguard" exhibition, curated by Antwaun Sargeant.  Whether through her still photography or her directorial endeavors, Mahaneela continues to captivate audiences with her poignant storytelling and unwavering dedication to pushing the cultural narrative forward.