Martin Holzman

Award-winning director Martín Holzman was born in 1993 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The people who attended his birth say it was a lovely spring evening.  He went on to begin film school at the age of 5 when he would beg his mother to take him to Blockbuster Video in order to escape the heat. Proper cinematic studies would be completed later at Universidad del Cine, in Buenos Aires.

Holzman's body of work spans emotion-provoking, yet playful narratives to off-beat comedic pieces that border on dark and surreal.  His craftsmanship has been recognized by the biggest award shows in advertising. Recently he was presented with 3 Lions at Cannes for his Quilmes Beer “Coincidences” campaign produced by AB InBev agency Draftline, in addition to honors from Clios, One Show, D&AD, and others.

Holzman is a globetrotter who can be found in various time zones, always with fast internet and good coffee. He is represented by Partizan in the US, French, UK, and Canadian markets.