Martin Stirling Commercials/Branded Indeed Rotate
Michael Geoghegan Commercials/Branded Visit Guernsey The Islands Of Guernsey
Peter Carstairs Commercials/Branded Vauxhall Astra Light
Kate Dawkins Commercials/Branded, Animation Sibos Opening Plenary - 2018 Sydney
Rianne White Music Content Lola Young 6 Feet Under
Michael Gracey Commercials/Branded The National Lottery The Magic Number
Mustashrik Music Content, Animation Sein Ultra
Alice Kong Music Content Maxenss Flûtiste
Warren Fu Music Content Zedd + Kehlani Good Thing
Global Music Content Gambi Popopop
Radical Friend Commercials/Branded KFC Daredevil Bites
Rianne White Music Content Aurora Apple Tree