Djawid Hakimyar Commercials/Branded PlayOjo Tom Thumb
Djawid Hakimyar Commercials/Branded Florette Rap Battle
Lobo Commercials/Branded, Animation Vauxhall Cinderella
Radical Friend Commercials/Branded KFC I Love You Bacon Burger
Nerdo Commercials/Branded, Animation Far East Film Festival Opening 2019
Pete Candeland Commercials/Branded, Animation Great Western Railway Five & The Missing Jewels
Ozzie Pullin Commercials/Branded Stella McCartney The Spirit of Horse Riding
Weareseventeen Commercials/Branded, Animation Propercorn Popcorn Pattern
Global Music Content The YD Hard Life
Ilan Cohen Music Content Praa Won't forget 'bout you
Allie Avital Commercials/Branded Serious About Bookings
Michael Gracey Commercials/Branded Lipton Little Lightness
Sharif Abdel Mawla Commercials/Branded Tele2 InternetGods
Nerdo Commercials/Branded, Animation Nike Yoga