Mustashrik Music Content, Animation Elvis Costello Suspect My Tears
Alice Kong Music Content Vendredi Sur Mer Ecoute Chérie
Alice Kong Commercials/Branded Hermès Carréoké
Insane Commercials/Branded General Electric The Additive Paradox - Sculptures with scale
James F. Coton Music Content Youssoupha Polaroïd Experience
Alex Bernas Short Films White Lilacs
Hoku & Adam Commercials/Branded, Animation FedEx Small Business
Sharif Abdel Mawla Music Content Sevn Alias Feat. Josylvio Mag het ff lekker gaan
Sophia Ray Music Content Chelcee Grimes I Need A Night Out
Global Commercials/Branded Tranoï Jane & Tarik
Michel Gondry TV Kidding
Giles Ripley Commercials/Branded Amazon Explore the Never-Before
Julien Soulier Music Content Kevin Gates Vouch
Sharif Abdel Mawla Commercials/Branded Gym Shoe The New Original