Medley - Road to the Olympic Games

Julien Soulier

1 min 29 sec
Health & sport
We are a few months before the Tokyo Olympic Games and 4 years before Paris 2024. Like every athlete Enzo, Tiavo, Yohan, Marie and Robin have only one dream in mind: Win the coveted medal and make an entire French nation proud.

Enzo Lefort (Fencing), Tiavo Randrianisa (Taekwondo), Yohan Choupas (Basketball), Marie Oteiza (Pentathlon) and Robin Caillaud (Gymnastics) represent the next generation of French sport. To achieve their objectives, they train intensively at the National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance (INSEP), known as a real factory of champions and to prepare athletes for competition.

Long-time friends Julien Soulier and Enzo Lefort (world fencing champion) have joined forces to answer these questions and understand what an athlete's success really is all about. They have therefore taken a proactive approach: to create and produce a series of films drawing portraits of young athletes in different disciplines. 

"You are not born champion, you become one": A series of digital films portraying the new generation of athletes who are preparing for the Olympic Games. "

Main cast : Enzo Lefort, Tiavo Randrianisa, Yohan Choupas, Marie Oteiza and Robin Caillaud


Julien Soulier Documentary Medley - Road to the Olympic Games
Julien Soulier Medley - Road to the Olympic Games Documentary