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Lilith & Eve

Sam de Ceccatty

Release date
6 min 6 sec
Short Films
Comedy, Fiction
When the first woman on Earth meets... the first-first woman on Earth.

This adult comedy animation is a feminist re-imagining of the Adam and Eve story, in which Eve bumps into Adam's first wife and equal, Lilith.

Eden. A beautiful and lush safe haven where all living creatures can fornicate peacefully, home to Adam and Eve, the first man and woman on Earth. Or so Eve thinks, until one day she is surprised by an unabashed stranger who introduces herself as Lilith, first woman on Earth. Eve’s initial confusion only worsens when Adam admits that Lilith is indeed his first wife, but insists she is a demon and as such doesn’t count. Lilith, bored with the couple’s bickering, grabs the apples she’d come for and leaves, but Eve’s mind is too fully blown to let it slide. Defying Adam for the first time, Eve runs after Lilith for answers. What she will learn will rock the very foundation of everything Eve knows about the world – and about herself.

Festivals :

World Premiere | Tribeca Film Festival, 2022
Vimeo Staff Pick, 2022
Short Com Film Festival, 2022
Dinard Dinard Festival of British Cinema, 2022​
Encounters Film Festival, 2022
Stareable Fest, 2022
This Is England Film Festival, 2022
Cordillera International Film Festival, 2022


Sam de Ceccatty Short Films Lilith & Eve
Sam de Ceccatty Lilith & Eve Short Films