Ed Bulmer

11 min 10 sec
Comedy, Drama
Gareth suffers from a debilitating sense of self doubt... which follows him around in the form of a hedgehog.

Hedgehog follows the mundane life of Gareth; a 28-year-old man that works in a dingy fast-food restaurant; lives at home with his couch-potato father; and wants desperately to break out of his routine and experience the world. The film explores how Gareth has always been held back since childhood by his debilitating sense of self-doubt… which manifests in the form of a hedgehog. The Hedgehog is both soft and spikey, representing the dual nature of our doubts – holding us back, yet also providing an element of comfort. Gareth pursues romance, a career, and adventure; always being steered back to his comfort zone by his hedgehog and never progressing. A conversation with his father prompts Gareth to try and tackle his problem head on… but things don’t necessarily go to plan. Hedgehog takes a comedic look at how our insecurities, worries, and self-doubt can stop us achieving what we really want in life.


Ed Bulmer Short Films Hedgehog