Radical Friend

Radical Friend is the experimental directing duo of Kirby McClure and Julia Grigorian. Their passion for crafting visually hypnotic, multidimensional stories is evident in their much-lauded Lexus presentation “Design Disrupted,” a holographic ballet featuring Coco Rocha that fused elements of fashion, cinema and technology. Following breakthrough videos for Yeasayer and Skrillex, Rolling Stone named Radical Friend among the “50 People Who Will Change Music.” The duo has translated this music video edge and reality-bending artistry to helm spots for brands like Adidas, Lincoln, Converse and Bud Light, as well as the epic immersive film trailer to launch the Type-R Honda Civic in the UK. Recently Radical Friend unleashed a darkly mysterious promo heralding Britney Spears’ return to the MTV VMAs stage, which perfectly showcased their ability to create a sense of intrigue that grabs the viewer and never lets go.