Paul Gondry

Paul Gondry grew up in Paris before moving to the US where he now lives and works as an artist, animator & film director. Paul went to school at Lycee Francais de New York before expanding his creative ambitions and attending the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. An active figure in Brooklyn's contemporary art scene, Gondry’s creative output spans painting, sculpture, drawing and film. He’s exhibited his work at numerous acclaimed galleries including MX Gallery and The Armory Show in New York as well as a solo show at Deborah Schamoni Galerie in Munich. Having been compared to ambitious artists like Gilliam or Giger, Gondry’s work can be seen as a form of world building, an exploration of our decadent, decaying civilization through the lens of escapism and magic - a fictional dark age that provides the setting for his video work. Often utilizing imagery from European myths and fables more often seen in illuminated manuscripts, Dutch etchings and RPG video games, Gondry allows his fantastic worlds to become a reflection of our own world. Having now entered the world of music video Paul is looking to expand his creative vision through film and beyond. Paul is represented by Partizan worldwide.