Laura Marciano

Laura Marciano is a talented French filmmaker with bases in London, Paris and LA. Commencing her filmmaking endeavours while simultaneously running her own fashion brand.

The past year marked significant milestones in Laura's career as she ventured into new territories. She has directed a plethora of big TV commercials, notably ‘Julie’, promoting an American contraception pill, and her compelling work for ‘Starface’ shot in the US with a wide range of cast. Additionally, she orchestrated her first luxury perfume campaign, bringing her distinctive touch to Jean Paul Gautier’s ‘Scandal’. Laura has also collaborated with the likes of Miaou, Kitsuné Paris, and Off-White. 

Beyond her commercial endeavours, Laura has made a mark in the realm of music videos, lending her creative vision to artists like Izia, Lala &ce, and Black Coffee. Laura has a deep fondness for rap music, infusing her work with a rhythmic and dynamic energy. Her filmmaking style is characterised by its playful aesthetics, Laura's love for movement and her commitment to portraying sensual, female-empowering characters (most notably seen in her work with Euphoria’s Chloe Cherry), offering the viewer a unique and empowering experience.