Julien Soulier

Julien Soulier is a director and photographer living in Paris. His love for the outdoors led him to travel the world and document his youth. Through his travels, he developed a cinematographic approach to his storytelling by creating visually striking, compelling and captivating films. Julien presents stories that are emotionally charged by portraying ordinary people acting out of the ordinary. He takes us on a journey through realistic worlds and develops narrative concepts for both music videos and advertising. His recent collaboration with the artist Stromae gave birth to an original performance for Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show and a video clip shot in sequence to get into his soul. Always on the move, Julien collaborated with Nowness to tell us the tale of a contemporary athlete in the short film Ali as well as the adventure of young Irishmen leaving the city on horses in the music video for Rone - Quitter la Ville. Furthermore, his work has been nominated for the Young Director Award in Cannes, the UKMVA in London, the Ciclope festival and has won awards at the Berlin Film Festival and the Grand Prix Stratégie in France. Julien has also directed commercials for brands such as Heineken, Audi, Nike and Maison Martin Margiela. He considers photography and cinema to be complementary, exhibiting his photographic prowess at the Arles International Photography Festival and publishing his work in M du Monde, I-D, and Numéro Magazine. Julien even created his own magazine in 2018, "Sport Étude", with former professional football player David Bellion.