Emma Westenberg

Emma Westenberg is a Dutch director, born in Berkeley, California and based in Amsterdam. She studied at the renowned Rietveld Academy and the Cooper Union School of Art in NYC. Emma’s work can be described as a confident mix of classic visual tropes, fashion & fine art influences, subtly integrated to create her unique, distinctly pop aesthetic. Her ability to shoot critically acclaimed, style centric content, while remaining accessible to a diverse audience has made her a go to director for bespoke musical artists, fashion labels & globally recognized brands. She is a frequent collaborator with numerous musical artists including Janelle Monae which resulted in a 2018 Grammy nomination for best music video for her video “Pynk.”  Emma's interest in fashion has been recognized with an award for Best New Fashion Film for her short ‘Blue and You’ at the Fashion Film Festival in Milan as well as work for numerous brands such as Asos, Vogue, Levis and Swatch. She recently directed “The Pure Experience” commercial for Michelob Ultra debuting in Superbowl LIII celebrating ASMR featuring Zoe Kravitz.