Andrew de Zen

Andrew has been drawn to cinema since his childhood and has since become a filmmaker focusing on emotional storytelling and evocative, poetic visuals. His love for cinema and storytelling also extends to photography and animation, bringing a fresh poetic and narrative perspective to his approach. He has then worked with several global brands such as Under Armour, SiriusXM, ESPN, Sony, Cadillac, Nike, IBM, etc.

Andrew has created, directed, and produced a series of interconnected short films called "Of Walls & Mountains," which was honored at the Young Director Awards in Cannes in 2018. His film "Places" for Alaskan Tapes was also selected at Cannes and nominated for Best Video of the Year at the Juno Awards. His film "Alaskan Tapes: Of Woods and Seas" received multiple gold awards at the Ciclope Festival 2023 and is selected in numerous festivals in 2024. His upcoming short film « Let this feeling go » is already selected for the Holly Shorts Festival. He is currently preparing a dreamlike medium-length film that combines visual poetry, storytelling, sensitive imagery, and animation.