Matthias Hoene Commercials/Branded, Animation EA Games Battlefield Bad Company
James Curran Commercials/Branded, Animation Charles Schwab - Why I left Stuck
Radical Friend Music Content Yeasayer Ambling Alp
Rick & Mario Commercials/Branded, Animation IBCC Excuses
Antoine Bardou-Jacquet Commercials/Branded Peugeot 207 Accentuate the positive
Eric Lynne Commercials/Branded Heineken Jamaica
Thomas Hilland Commercials/Branded Toyota Moments
Doug Nichol Commercials/Branded Molson Snowbank Truck Revealed
Valerie Pirson Music Content Olivia Ruiz Elle Panique
Valerie Pirson Music Content, Animation Olivia Ruiz La Femme Chocolat
Pete Candeland Music Content, Animation The Beatles Rockband Intro
Bo Mirosseni Commercials/Branded Starburst Humicorns
ALEXREZA Commercials/Branded, Animation Toshiba Choir
Hoku & Adam Music Content, Animation They Might Be Giants You're on Fire
Michael Gracey Commercials/Branded T-Mobile Dance
Michel Gondry Feature Films, Documentary L'Epine dans le coeur
Michael Gracey Commercials/Branded The Oprah Winfrey Show I Gotta feeling
Philip Andelman Music Content Maxwell Pretty Wings
Stephen Cafiero Commercials/Branded June Les copines
Dominic Murphy Feature Films White Lightnin'