Anthony Wonke Documentary Gymnast
Victor Haegelin Commercials/Branded, Animation Kit Kat Into the wind
Michel Gondry Feature Films The Green Hornet
Jared Eberhardt Commercials/Branded Living Social Bed
Huse Monfaradi Documentary Nothing but the Beat
Emmanuel Mouret Feature Films L'Art d'Aimer
James Curran Short Films The Adventures of Tintin
Toby Macdonald Commercials/Branded Lotto Flirt
Raphael Frydman Commercials/Branded Bledina Brand
Philip Andelman Documentary Waiting For The Future
SKINNY Music Content Yuksek Always on the Run
Matthias Hoene Commercials/Branded, Animation McCain Chip Tester
Aitor Throup Music Content Kasabian Switchblade Smile
Aitor Throup Commercials/Branded, Animation Kasabian Velociraptor
Jared Eberhardt Short Films Life coach
Aitor Throup Music Content Kasabian Man of Simple Pleasures
Giles Ripley Short Films Happy Birthday Jim
Hoku & Adam Music Content, Animation Evelyn Evelyn Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn ?
Poppy De Villeneuve Commercials/Branded Zac Posen Coco Rocha Dancing
Jared Eberhardt Commercials/Branded, Animation Purex Care about caring too