Radical Friend Music Content Primary1 Princess
Michael Geoghegan Commercials/Branded Blacks Visit England
Raphael Frydman Commercials/Branded Fnac Adherent
Skinny Commercials/Branded Longchamp You should be dancing
Jess Cope Music Content, Animation Steven Wilson The raven that refused to sing
Stephen Cafiero Short Films Zygomatiques
Quentin Dupieux Feature Films Wrong
Jared Eberhardt Commercials/Branded Capri Sun Meet Jack
Pete Candeland Commercials/Branded, Animation Linda McCartney Love Linda
Michael Geoghegan Commercials/Branded Canon 650-D
Jared Eberhardt Commercials/Branded Holiday Inn Digital Self
Matthias Hoene Commercials/Branded, Animation Bloom FM Bee Band
Pete Candeland Music Content, Animation Gorillaz El Manana
Nima Nourizadeh Commercials/Branded New Amsterdam Anthem
Tom Noakes Commercials/Branded Doritos Finger Cleaner
Skinny Commercials/Branded Longchamp Bigger than life
Jeremy Konner TV Ghost Girls
Aitor Throup Commercials/Branded New Object Research Video Catalogue