Warren Fu Music Content Daft Punk Get lucky
Radical Friend Music Content Primary1 Princess
Michael Geoghegan Commercials/Branded Blacks Visit England
Raphael Frydman Commercials/Branded Fnac Adherent
Jess Cope Music Content, Animation Steven Wilson The raven that refused to sing
Skinny Commercials/Branded Longchamp You should be dancing
Stephen Cafiero Short Films Zygomatiques
Jared Eberhardt Commercials/Branded Capri Sun Meet Jack
Quentin Dupieux Feature Films Wrong
Michael Geoghegan Commercials/Branded Canon 650-D
Kate Dawkins Commercials/Branded London Olympics 2012 Ceremony
Michael Williams Commercials/Branded Adidas Team Messi
Aitor Throup Commercials/Branded New Object Research Video Catalogue
Jared Eberhardt Commercials/Branded Holiday Inn Digital Self
Jeremy Konner TV Ghost Girls
Matthias Hoene Commercials/Branded, Animation Bloom FM Bee Band
Skinny Commercials/Branded Longchamp Bigger than life