Allie Avital Music Content Serpentwithfeet Cherubim
Charles Williams Short Films All These Creatures
Rick & Mario Commercials/Branded, Animation Peperami The animal is back
REWIND Commercials/Branded, Animation HBO Silicon Valley: Inside The Hacker Hostel
Mary Clerté Commercials/Branded Vogue Showtime
Rianne White Music Content Moss Kena You Don’t Know
Warren Fu Music Content Chvrches Miracle
Sharif Abdel Mawla Commercials/Branded Sneaker District Thank God for sneakers
James F. Coton Commercials/Branded Mugler We are all Alien
Oliver Jennings Music Content Nines I See You Shining
Eric Lynne Commercials/Branded Carphone Warehouse Scrimpers
Alice Kong Music Content Juniore Les Héros de Barbès