Stephen Cafiero

26 minutes
Comedy, Western
Jack, Cole and Butch are 3 brothers angry at each other since they're teenagers and will have to reconcile...

Arrived accidentally at the town of Two Rivers, Butch decides to reunite his brothers to carry out a raid on a gold convoy together in order to help their mother to rebuild her farm that recently burned. Jack, for his part, quickly becomes the sheriff of the town and seduces the daughter of the mayor, the charming Lisbeth while Cole falls under the spell of charm of saloon’s ‘patron’, the very strange Miss Daisy. The three brothers are reconciled little by little, integrated and learn to become true outlaws hoping to set up a perfect plan for their future robbery. However the time is pressing; they only have a few weeks and it seems that the people of Two Rivers aren’t honest as well…

Main cast : François-David Cardonnel, Jonathan Cardonnel and Hubert Delattre


Stephen Cafiero TV Templeton
François-David CardonnelJack Templeton
Jonathan CardonnelCole Templeton
Hubert DelattreButch Templeton
Antoine GouyDaisy
David SallesTroy
Fanny ValetteLisbeth
Cyril GueiJackson
Cosme CastroFletcher
Patrick RoccaLe Maire
Caroline AngladeLili Belle
Jonathan CohenLe Chinois
Jean-Louis BarcelonaMorty
Nicolas AbrahamMalone
Frédéric SaurelBuzz
Xiaoxing ChengLee
Nathalie De Bernardinispost-producer
Ghislain Riocolorist
Cyril Besnard, Johann Herbay, Emmanuel Turleteditors