Victor Haegelin

Victor joined Partizan as an assistant animator and very quickly showed great creative skills. Since then he has made many stop frame animation films for brands including Transavia (the multi award winning campaign), Powertape, The Mirror, McDonald’s, luxury brands like Berlutti and many others. His work in music videos didn’t come unnoticed. Professor Kliq and Radio Nova won their fair share of awards. Victor has also directed and animated some witty short films: ‘Pascal & Quentin’ and ‘Captain 3D’ which has been selected in some of the biggest animation and short film festivals in the world.

Kit Kat Commercials/Branded, Animation Into the wind
La Pegatina Music Content, Animation Y se fue
Professor Kliq Music Content, Animation Plastic and flashing lights
Mc Donald's Commercials/Branded, Animation Energie

Partizan portrait