Thuan Tran

Director, Thuan Tran is building a reputation as one of the brightest new talents in the industry. Having started his directing career shooting music videos - he went on to lead the branded content division at Hypebeast, while establishing his creative content collective onlunchbreak (OLB).

Thuan setup OLB to elevate & showcase unseen talent in hard to reach, marginalized communities and found a home for his passionate, highly collaborative approach to content creation. A committed advocate for social change, Thuan’s ability to frame 21st century youth culture in a way that resonates authentically with his audience, has made him a go to for artists & brands looking to create content that transcends expectations.

Thuan’s expertise lies in creating short yet impactful video content that thrives in the online eco system. His skill for telling stories that fuse authentic cultural insight, humanitarian compassion and stylish visuals with impeccable film craft is second to none.  Thuan has worked with a bespoke selection of clients that include adidas, Asics, Beats by Dre, NBA, Nordstrom, Chime, Nike & Revlon as well as local charities and recording artists such as A$AP Rocky, Nas, Beyonce, and Diplo.

Thuan is represented worldwide by Partizan for commercials, branded content & music video projects.