Simon Robson

Simon Robson is from Wakefield West Yorkshire, originally making a name for himself with his distinctive animation and motion graphics work.  Throughout his almost 20 year career, Simon has worked in commercials, TV, interaction-design and projections, short and long-form film projects. His multi-disciplinary approach draws on his extensive experience across live-action, animation and visual effects, often combining all three mediums with a hand-on approach – using 3D and 2D animation, stop-motion, live-action and many combinations of all the above. A multi-award winning director, writer and creator, he has applied his talent and creative vision to global campaigns for the likes of Mars, Nike and Adidas, and Coca-Cola, and received a BAFTA nomination for his film Taking Liberties.

reMarkable Commercials/Branded, Animation Get your brain back
McDonald's Commercials/Branded, Animation Mini Games
Australian Post Office Commercials/Branded, Animation Coin Hunt
Victorian Government Commercials/Branded, Animation Best start, best life