ALEXREZA are the multidisciplinary director duo of Alex Anderson and Reza Rasoli. The pair are recognized for whimsical visual content, employing a sufficiency of techniques, from live-action and organic in-camera sleight of hand to puppetry and animation. They continue to explore story and methodology in their mission to craft and give life to playful narratives and vibrant characters which excite and delight the imagination. Both are accomplished writer/director/producers who share credits across advertising - Vans, Toshiba, Nike, and entertainment - FAMBLY, Beyoncé, General Electric Theater, Disney's Future! Taco! Meow!.

ALEXREZA are committed to pushing the fantastic and surreal aspects of their creative output.

Wendy's Commercials/Branded, Animation Narwhal
Virgin x Method Commercials/Branded, Animation All in this together
Toshiba Commercials/Branded, Animation Choir
Beyoncé Music Content, Animation Formation Monolith Visuals