Aitor Throup

Artist, designer and creative director, Aitor Throup instinctively created his own visual language in every project or film he has been involved in. Globally acclaimed for his unique approach to building innovative and conceptual pieces, Throup created 3-dimensional studies of the human body and innovative methods of design based on human anatomy and ergonomic studies. Designer and creative director for and Damon Albarn, he has overseen his own “visual system” and directed several of Kasabian’s music videos. Throup’s cerebral work defies easy categorisation as he makes words like ‘unique’, ‘extraordinary’ and ‘unconventional’ seem tired.

Kasabian Music Content Are You Looking For Action?
Nowness Commercials/Branded A Portrait of Noomi Rapace
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Damon Albarn Commercials/Branded Official Album (Trailer)